Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

A day without music is terrible. But what happens when you go on for days without listening to music. I know it seems improbable but I didn’t realise that I hadn’t listened to an entire song in over a fortnight until I visited the barber shop.

The barbershop playlist is legendary. So listening to it was fun. But it didn’t satisfy the soul. Isn’t that how music is supposed to work? Guess it depends on the music. Some songs make you get into flow, some take you back many years. Back to the time when I had a small MP3 player and no laptop. I had to rely on a friend to load the 20 songs on it. This meant that I would listen to the same 20 songs over and over again until they became a part of me.

Turn the Page by Metallica was one such song. It stayed with me through walks and bus rides and crowded train rides. Then there were The Doors and Queen who inspired me to name my travel venture – Breakfree Journeys. They became my go to bands for every phase of life. Through success, through failures, through heart breaks and through losses.

Back then with a small feature phone and an MP3 player, life was simple. Few songs, serving as a background track to my everyday hustle. The small battery powered device was my solace when books were not enough. Just me and the twenty songs, against the beautiful, cruel, mad, mad world.

I don’t know how I lost touch with music but it simply happened. Now and then, I veer towards it. I renew my Spotify premium account without failz in the hope that one day I will return to the simpler times and listen to my 20 songs, which have always been the OST to my life.