Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

The heart is a good indicator of your mind. Is that why they call some matters, the matters of your heart? Mostly they are related to how one feels about certain things. The heart beats faster when you are in love but also when you are scared. Apparently it beats even faster when you are anxious. Sometimes it doesn’t beat at all. You hardly feel it there. Those are the times you wish you were fast asleep. 

I have always wondered about this phenomenon. The beating heart and the drying of your mouth phenomena. They say it’s got to do with fear but also with anxiety. A fast beating heart can eat into your nap time and spoil your night sleep. Internet says one must meditate and exercise. Both of which I am unable to do. Doing things that you like help or pursuing hobbies. But if your hobby includes waking up early then it is unlikely to work out. 

Life is an endless hustle. And I envy folks like Akshat Shrivastava who write about building small businesses and living in Goa. To me that seems like an oversimplification of the payoffs between risks and rewards. Decisions and dilemmas. Hard work and sacrifices. But I also don’t think he is wrong in saying what he does. Being a proponent of a free, more purpose driven life is definitely fascinating. 

Today I joined a large throng of passengers at Andheri railyway station as we moved towards the metro station. It was like being an old olive ridley turtle, riding the great ocean currents. From the moment I was ejected out of the second class compartment to the moment I boarded the metro, it was an endless current. Many souls moving in different directions, grouped by common purpose and needs, on the platform and over the bridge and across the road. Endless.

But the metro brought back memories of my first ride and then I was lost. Just like everyone else around me.