Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Have you noticed how sunsets are a silent wonder? The setting sun radiates its glow and turns everything golden. Your visual senses are activated fully and you are drawn to it. Stand at Carter Road and you will see everyone raising their phones to the sun god.

If you look at the amateur photographers from the sea, you will mistake them as worshippers of the sun, raising their devices in his honour and looking up to him in reverence.

At these moments, if the background noise dies away then it is blissful. I remember a sunset in Goa where silence overtook the beach and everyone sat down to view the sun. They all ceased their dancing and merry making and just basked in the golden rays which washed us over.

Sunsets seen from buildings are also nice. Especially if you have a clear unrestricted view. At times, from my current workplace I can see the setting sun as it passes over the skyline of Bandra. Most times it is lost to the skyline before it gets lost to the horizon. That’s why the view from Carter Road is much better.

I remember working all day and then pausing to see the setting sun and then working again. Those few moments are nice. They refresh you and make you feel alive. Here’s to seeing more sunsets in 2024.