Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Where does one truly belong? It’s a question that haunted me and kept me up at night. Am I produce of the city’s slums or now another hobobbing faux elite? A free spirit or a willingly trapped soul?

Am I a capitalist or the old school socialist? Between the black and the white, there’s some grey. In that grey, I sit snugly. What’s so great about not belonging to one place? What’s the point of straddling two worlds?

There are no answers. Enjoying memberships of two worlds creates a duality which is hard to imagine. This form of duality is not common for most. For, most enjoy the comfort of a unidimensional life. Perhaps it’s the sweet spot that they find comfort in. But what is comfort? I wouldn’t know. I’m just flitting between world’s, like a shape shifting monster on the prowl.

This duality opens up new aveneues of thinking though. Once the extremes are exposed, traversing the ends of the spectrum, becomes an act of exploration. A curious departure into the depths of this duality. As you spend more and more time oscillating between the two ends, you realise how twisted the world is. How simple and how complex it is at the same time. Innocence and evil reside together, often in the same person. Perhaps duality is not uncommon afterall. I am not so special. Just stuck between the ordinary and the extraordinary.