Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

An amble through Vasai is always nice and welcoming. For many years I have frequented Vasai and loved its lanes. Got a nice opportunity to visit Salt Pan, a modern restaurant overlooking the Nirmala Giriz highway. In the distance you could see Jivdhani hill and the entire Tak Mak range out in the east. There was no rain but the weather was perfect.

Vasai has a distinct appeal to it. And life seems quite peaceful in these small cottages. The smell of fresh pav being baked in one of the bakeries wafts through suddenly and a whiff off that sets your appetite rolling. There are sounds of the choir and laughter. The churches, the ponds and the temples next to the ponds are symbolic of the syncretic nature and the tumultuous colonial past.

It would indeed be an honour to become a Vasaikar someday.