Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Sticky rice and mango. What a delightful combination. Today a friend of mine cooked it for us. He sourced the rice from Assam, another friend brought the coconut milk from Bangkok and the mangoes came from Ratnagiri. A truly multicultural dish served with much excitement in Mira Road.

I had never tasted it before. But it was great. I understood what Anthony Bourdain meant when he wrote about his experiences with street food in Vietnam. I imagine such delights would be common in those markets. Someday I’d visit I used to say to myself, but now I just think of it in passing. Except today, when I tasted this amazing dish.

Life is complicated in so many ways. But such simple joys bring out the true meaning of life. There is a lot to complain about but those things don’t matter in these moments. What matters is to taste the fruit of labour, the delightful mango and the supreme texture of this unique dessert on a hot summer afternoon with friends old and new.