Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

There is an evident optimism in the air. Even though the Mercury has not dipped. We know that things are going to change. Scorching summer will end. We are confident. We are sure of that. Tarapulin sales have increased and the slum dwellers have began preparation to cover their roofs with these sheets. One makeshift measure to prevent leaky roofs. Afternoons are unbearable but they have been so for the past few months. Now we are used to it. We have stopped to complain too for we are hopeful of the times to come.

One more summer is over. After many years I find myself in the city during these times. Although I may have already met the monsoon in Bengaluru last week, I know the arrival of rains is much celebrated in the island city. In 2022, it was spectacular bit slightly lonely when the rains came and I find myself caught in the downpour at Mahim.

I didn’t stay back longer to witness it further. So this year I’m looking forward to spending the entire monsoon in the city over the next four months.