Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

There is no greater joy than setting out on a walk in the evening. When the day is behind you. When the sun is on a swift descent into the western sky. I just wander away. Aimless. No destination, no plans.

In those moments, the thoughts are lucid. The same joys and the same sorrows fade away. The tightly knotted problems bothering me seem to loosen up a little bit. That’s when my pace quickens, the world slow downs. In that moment I am the ray of light, I am unstoppable, I’m the wind that blows in the evening. My heart beats faster than usual. Sweat beads form on my brow. My mouth dries up.

But I’m hopeful. The world seems a bit lighter. Reassured, recharged, I turn towards home and I run, faster. There’s a lot to be done.