Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

A bookstore is always a nice place to be at. Especially those who have stacks of books everywhere. No categorisation, no cataloging. Old books and new. Hardly read and read many times, those books. Across the city I have discovered a few such gems. In no particular order, here are some of my go to places when I am not looking for anything in particular.

Topaz Bookstore – Ranwar: One of the most popular bookshops, seen and loved on Instagram. If you happen to be in Bandra, you can always troop over to him. Great collection and some rare books are seen too, the unnamed shop opposite to him also be a potential place to find a gem or two if you get lucky.

Scrap and Newspaper Wallah – Shirley Rajan Road, next to New Sunrise Restaurant: A quiet shop with an eclectic mix of paperbacks and magazines, you never know what you may find here!

Atul Book Shop – Borivali West, Near Borivali Jail: Mainly good place to buy old academic books but has a fair collection of the new ones too. Used to be much better with no pirated copies but you may even end up getting an original Murakami at a fraction of the price.

Matunga King Circle: Though the usual ones have stopped selling the books here, still a few good ones exist. You have to really dig deep to find rare finds.

Fort Area: Always the first port of call when you know what you are looking for. This is for serious book hunting. Ensure that you bargain well.