Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

The humidity was out to get you today. As soon as I hit the road, damp patches appeared everywhere. As I sat on the bench at the station, my brow was dripping with sweat. There was no AC train, just me and the old rake. Everyone had a sheen of sweat glimmering on their faces and arms. Everyone was irritable. But we knew this too shall pass.

Google photos threw up memories, like it often does and I was caught unaware. Just like the humidity got to me today. There is no way to escape the humidity except to stay indoors inside an ac room. But if like me, you must step out then life becomes tough. Do remote workers not have this problem?

I often think too deeply about the choices I have made in the past few years. What did I trade away? In exchange of what? Such deep thoughts are only good if I am able to articulate them or tell a story with them. Otherwise they just come tl haunt me like the ghosts of children murdered by grenades.