Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Taking off is a good feeling. But that is until you actually take off. ATC says that we can’t take off because of the congestion in the air. I am always imagining a jam in the sky. But yes, you can’t hover.

Perhaps that is how you experience a traffic jam in the sky, by being grounded on the tarmac. Delays are a part of life and I guess one can never be too eager to get somewhere.

Which is why arriving anywhere earlier than before is a fantastic feeling. Time found can be great. And you can end up watching paint dry if that’s what matters to you, no one would mind.

The two hours spent without the internet can be very relaxing. One can take a nap, finish that book, write a blog or simply look at the clouds outside the window. This is one of the reasons I can never be comfortable in the aisle seat. It feels extremely disconnected to be sitting there.

Anyway, even before we are mid-air I am spoilt for choice on the things I would do on this delayed flight. This additional delay for take off has caused some frustration indeed. But then what other choice do I have? I must take a nap. If only people stopped talking loudly.