Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Imagination also needs stimulation. Have you noticed that? Your mind is full of ideas when you read something interesting. Or when you have been on a trip to wide open spaces. This is when I miss the mountains the hills. The best part about any Trek would be the walk through the forest. When the silence of the forest is only punctuated by your footsteps and birdsong. It is a magical time. That’s why perhaps the Japanes love to do forest bathing.

Sometimes I wish I live like Romulus Whitaker does. In a nice scenic farmhouse off Chennai, where they say a leopard visits and sometimes a porcupine too. If I lived on Ghodbunder road, I’d probably have the same luck. At least a leopard would visit now and then. But reading about faraway worlds is a fantastic escape. Imagine something like a Murakami novel. The world is vivid but full of suffering so it makes sense to escape it now and again.